Sunday, February 21, 2016

Afghanistan +1640

Holy shit.

For some reason I feel compelled to finish this thing up with a quick recap from start to finish, to at least give some closure on this to anyone who may stumble upon it days, months, or years down the line.

Firstly, I sound like a conceited dickhead in bulk of those posts, so I'm sorry about that. Secondly, I made it out of Afghanistan alive and well. All said and done I managed to get the cool t shirt and save some dudes so that they may come back home and live full lives.

Everyone in our Advisor Team I was attached to got out. Our Officer leader, CAPT M lost his lower right leg to an IED that was about 5 feet away from me when it detonated. He now runs marathons and Iron Man competitions, and has become a motivational speaker for companies and groups. Our Enlisted leader, SSGT J took an early out paycheck from the USMC when they were downsizing, and is now a Sheriff in Southern California. The first of the two junior enlisted guys went home to find his wife was sleeping with a blue side Navy Corpsman working at the local hospital on base, and has since divorced and kept custody over the kid, and lastly our late addition lower enlisted Marine got out, got into some trouble with the law and drugs, and has since made a 100% rebound and is on the up and up.

I'm almost 100% free of the Military now, as I'm 6 months away from being able to leave the Inactive Ready Reserve. Since I left Active Duty in 2013 I've gotten my EMT-B License, my Medical Assistant Cert, and my Associate's in Fire Fighter Technology.

I mainly wanted to post for the sake of closure. I'm sitting at work in an urgent care currently. We've seen 17 patients since 8am, and I don't see any signs of it slowing down.

Thanks to everyone that read these, it was nice to get things off my chest at times, but hopefully it killed some of your day and you got to learn a little about me.

Take care,


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