Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day two, barbeques and basketball

Well world, I spent majority of this fine day passed out on my bed, to be awoken by my good buddy Chris. He invited me to throw down a few of uncle sam's hard earned greenbacks on this barbeque that him and his friends were going to put together, so naturally I jumped on it and put $10 in the pot. Then I proceded to fall back asleep and awoke about an hour later to my neighbor playing insanely loud rap music, oh the peril of living in these prison like barracks. It doesn't help that half of these guys are piss drunk by noon anyways, but at least it gives me a good morning of sleep, so I won't dwell on that too much.

Around noon I find myself craving the insatable food that is McDonalds, I drove out there and got three McDoubles w/ Mac Sauce, which I have found is the cheapest way of getting a Big Mac for nearly $1.00 . The only difference being a piece of bread between the meat and the little lettuce shredding, but I don't complain when I'm saving $3.00 for a burger that all does the same job of filling me up.

Ended up heading back to the barracks and saw the grill was being prepared, so me pulling out my macho iron chef abilites decided I'd help out, turned out I ended up cooking over half the days burgers with my buddy Ryan. I don't mind at all, but when I have 4-5 Marines leaning over my shoulder telling me "hey man, flip that one there" or "Hey you're cooking it too hot". It's charcoal people, not like I can really set the exact temp here. All critiques aside I got my fix of burgers and beers and had a few laughs before I got a text from the Fiance. She tells me she got a new tattoo on her shoulder blade so naturally I have to see a picture of it. Overall I'm very impressed with the design and I think it looks good, something of like a family tree.

Anyways, we end up spending the next hour on Skype talking about looking at houses out here in California. It's insane for a State this fucked up with poverty that they're wanting $1500+  for something like a 770 square foot house with 1 br / 1 bath. The government is only willing to give me $1900 a month for housing, and if I'm paying those prices that only leaves me with $400 for all the utilities that are bound to come with the territory. What a headache.

Well, that's it for tonight. Tomorrow I'll be awake at 0530 again, getting ready to suck that days dick and hit the ground running with my Marines.

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  1. good luck! i've got a friend going for basic in august, sure gonna miss her...