Sunday, March 13, 2011

Insanity workout, day: 1 (Military style)

So, recently (Around the time of my last post) I ended up getting the Shaun T insanity workout. Let me tell you guys that don't go to the gym a lot, this was a good breather for me. So far since it was only day one the only thing I could do was the fitness test. Right now my legs are hurting more than anything else, I noticed a lot of workouts being orientated around the legs, and not a whole lot on arms or chest. That's fine though, because I'm trying to slim down and lose a few more pounds of just pure fat. Right off the bat of me turning this on I noticed a small asian girl and some bigger looking dude. Naturally he is now my enemy, so I made it my personal goal to beat him in every one of the small events. I succeeded in all but one I believe, the suicides.

Anyways, for those of you who have been doing the workout, here are my results. Note: I made sure to do them with perfect (Read: Near perfect) form. So here is what I ended up with just for the baseline fitness test:
Switch Kicks: 115
Jumping Jacks with a jump in the air afterwords: 51
Power knees: 73
Power Jumps: 34
Glove Jumps (4 part rep): 12
Suicides: 18
Pushup jacks: 25
Planks with knee alterations: 55

Note these were done in a 60 second timeframe, with about 60 seconds in between each workout to catch breath/get water and write down your scores. Overall it was pretty good, and lived up to the name. By the end of the workout I was hating life, but I'm happy to say now that I feel better like I did something productive today (Not to say I normally don't, but alas when it's weekend time most of us Marines/Green side sailors just shut off our brains... And turn on our playstations).

Eh, all in all not a terrible start to a day. I've only been awake for about two hours and I've learned a new song on my guitar (Come together - Beatles), did my first section of the Shaun T's Insanity, and made myself a cup o' noodles. Tomorrow morning I'll be doing my check in stuff for my new unit that I'll be going to for Afghanistan, but today the day is mine and I'm going to take it one cup o' noodles at a time.



  1. i know i couldnt do that. might be a wakeup call to get back in shape.