Thursday, March 10, 2011

Goodbye 1/4, hello 2/4!

Well, today was a day not uncommon to any other day in this retarded deal of a unit. I'm happy to say I'm officially no longer a part of it, which makes me pleased because I loathed almost everything about it, except for my guys of course (Please, spare the homoerotical remarks). To be honest, I'm a little nervous. I'll be moving from the original war dogs known as the "Alpha Raiders" to H&S Company in 2/4, but working on the Embedded training team, or ETT.

From what I've gathered in my short two weeks of really comprehending the fact that they exist is this, we go in, teach Afghani dudes how to shoot, drive cars, and not kill themselves defending their country. Or at least the part of the country we'd like them to defend. Once that mission is done then our mission is done. I'm expected to leave within the next seven months, so of course I'm already thinking pre-deployment leave and jitters. I've only used about 20 days and I've got about another 20 something in the books that I can use for leave, which I'd love to do.

For the most part, I'll be working on making sure my gear is more up to speed with where I believe myself to be. It's easy to go out and buy the best gear out there, but when your battalion has retarded policies and red tape up the ass about how to go about doing things, it really slows you down more than anything. Sure you can say it's more professional, but things like a shooters kit loadout should be dependent on the shooter themselves, not the SOP. Anyways, I'm working on acquiring an Eagle Industries RRV that I'll be piecing together with the back plate and throwing a MAP on the back of that. Overall I've seen how they look when they're completely done and I'm pleased enough that I'd want to move forward with the idea.

Anyways, I don't talk much about my personal life on this blog, mainly because it's about 8404 life. Life being an actual 8404, and not just going to the school and then working a desk job, or with engineers, or LAR, or Tracks. I'm sorry to you docs that do work with those guys, but in my opinion (And the entire 03XX Field) If you're not a grunt you're not shit. Ground pounding, long hair, dirty cammies, and the constant harassment of being told your out of regs, only for that motivated Marine to see that you're in fact a Corpsman, and more than likely did surgery on that toenail that they had to get removed. Or maybe because you did an accurate SOAP note on them, the Doctors were able to diagnose that he in fact had developed serious knee problems, and wasn't just faking the funk to get a few extra bucks from the VA.

Enough about my rant with being with Grunts, and all that. I'll update this again when I've got my own internet service hooked up in my new room, god I hope I don't get a room mate.



  1. Good luck with the move! Hit me back,

  2. Good on ya mate. This is a blog I look forward to following.

  3. Thanks guys, hopefully I can manage to make this somewhat entertaining for the casual reader! :D

  4. Seems kool dude. I'd like to hear more about what its like serving your country.

  5. Will be interesting to follow! Make sure to take a look at my blog!

  6. WOw, you got an interesting life. Cant wait to see what else you got going on!